Tri-County Phychological Services, Inc.
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Tri-County Psychological Services Inc.


About Us

Tri-County Psychological Services, Inc. is a mental health clinic with multiple certifications and treatment programs. Founded in 2000, TCPS is owned and operated by Ward M. Lawson, PhD, ABPP, ABMP. This facility is part of a health care complex that integrates mental health services with a Primary Care facility for individuals and families and training opportunities for mental health providers. 



541 W. Hubble Drive
Marshfield, MO. 67506


Phone: (417) 859-7746
Fax: (417) 859-7411


Mental Health Services


State certified substance Abuse outpatient program 

Family and marriage

Drug Court, Mental Health Court

Child and adolescent

National Health Services Corp


National Institute of Behavioral Health Quality

TCPS provides individual, couple and family mental health services for:

  • A full range of psychological

  • Medical and Health concerns

  • Grief and Loss

  • Stress Management

  • Addiction and Recovery

  • Parenting and Family Issues